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Washable Mask

Free gift: Washable mask with an online purchase!

As a “thank you” present for our customers , with an online purchase , you will receive this washable mask. Also has an inner pocket for a filter. Each patterns are limited, we will send you a random pattern mask. Thank you for your understanding.

New Arrivals

Tokoname Tea burner 茶香炉


Tokoname Yuzamashi 白釉横手(280ml)


Tokoname Tea Pot 緑泥松皮ツタ深蒸 (500ml)


Tokoname Tea Pot 黒灰釉平丸 (380ml)


Tokoname Tea Pot 灰釉平丸深蒸 (360ml)


Tokoname Tea Pot 夏目形木灰釉 (390ml)


Tokoname Tea Pot 朱泥袋白梅深蒸 (360ml)


Tokoname Tea Pot 緑練込 (260ml)



Pick up Products

Mini Vase (3.5″H) by Akemi Kaira


Bell Ornament (2.75″H) by Akemi Kaira


Bell Ornament (2.75″H) by Akemi Kaira


Mini Vase (2.75″H) by Akemi Kaira


Matcha Bowl Black Oribe/黒織部 (4″) by Hiroshige Kato

$30.00 $20.00

Shallow Bowl Ezeto/絵瀬戸 (7″) by Hiroshige Kato


Mug Ofuke Sansai (御深井三彩) by Hiroshige Kato


Mug Oribe White (織部) by Hiroshige Kato