Ginkgo Tree Cutting Board from Futaba Shoten, Fukui, Japan

It is said that the most suitable cutting board is “Ginkgo” from old times, and it has been patronized by professional cooks because the cutting board made of Ginkgo has various advantages such as not damaging a knife with a gentle edge touch, good drainage, and not leaving a odor. It has been used by professional chefs as well.

Futaba Shoten’s ginkgo cutting boards are all handmade from a single piece of wood.

Hinoki, ginkgo, hoo, and willow trees have long been used as materials for cutting boards. Hinoki wood has a high antibacterial effect, and hyo (Japanese cypress) has good drainage and is resistant to mold. Willow wood is resilient and has a good edge on knives, etc. Each has its own advantages, but we recommend the ginkgo cutting board for its overall balance.

Dimensions 10.5 × 19.25 × 1 in


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